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6 marzo, 2018
by B bou Hotels
The Malaga cultural space receives 369,200 visits throughout 2017 and becomes the most visited in the entire province.

If Andalusia has anything, it is with amazing cultural spaces that attract the attention of millions of tourists each year. Corners full of history where people from all corners of the planet land in our community willing to be duped by its beauty.

These visits to the cultural spaces of Andalusia increased, during the past year 2017, by no less than 5.3%, exceeding the figure of five million visitors. The space that holds the number one spot in visits is none other than the Monumental Complex of the Alhambra and Generalife, in the province of Granada, which repeats its position every year, reaching almost three million visits.

In second place, the Andalusian cultural space that received the most people in 2017 was the Cordoba Synagogue, which for the first time in its history has received more than 600,000 visits and has thus increased its figure by 5.1%.

And then, our beloved Malaga: its Roman Theater takes third place with the almost 370,000 visitors who have passed by to see its ruins. Built in the time of Augustus and used until well into the 2nd century, it is one of the greatest icons of the city. During the 5th and 6th centuries it was used as a cemetery until the Arabs got their stones for the construction of the Alcazaba, another of Malaga's great tourist attractions. After being hidden for centuries, the Roman Theater of Malaga was rediscovered in 1951 and is a visit to enjoy on a short excursion from any of our hotels, be it B bou Hotel Cortijo Bravo, B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa or B bou Hotel Molino del Arco.

Other of the cultural spaces of Andalusia that have seen increased visits throughout 2017 have been the Monumental Ensemble of the Alcazaba de Almería or the Archaeological Ensemble of the Dolmens of Antequera, which after its designation as a World Heritage Site by Unesco , has reached 200,000 visits.


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